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Personal Injury Claims

The law in Scotland provides for persons injured in accidents to claim damages (compensation) in certain circumstances. Call us at Sandgate Law and we can give you advice on whether you are likely to have a claim.

There are two main groups of accidents for which personal injury claims can be made. Firstly there are accidents where you have to show that someone else (perhaps a person or a company or a Local Authority) was at least partially to blame for your accident. These will include road traffic accidents, slips, trips and falls on the public pavement or road and in shops and private property.

The second group involves accidents at work, accidents where consumers have been injured by a defective product and such incidents as dog attacks. These are cases where European and UK law has been passed which give specific protection to workers and members of the public.

When you call Sandgate Law we can tell you whether there are prospects of success in your case.

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