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Work Related Injury

If you have been injured at work or have been diagnosed with a disease which is work related then you should be entitled to claim compensation.

UK, and European, Health and Safety legislation has been passed which is designed to give workers protection from injury and illness sustained because they were at work doing their job.

The legislation covers every type of accident that is likely to occur in any workplace.  This will include, slips, trips, falls, manual handling, use of tools, equipment and machinery and so on.  At Sandgate Law we will give you expert advice on the prospects of your claim.

In some cases the fact that an accident has occurred at all is enough to establish a breach of legislation.  Alternatively, if a worker is injured at work then the onus may be on the employer to show that there were no reasonably practicable steps they could have taken to reduce the risk of an accident occurring. This is a very high standard for an employer to meet and, at Sandgate Law, we believe that is how it should be!  

People who raise objections to tough health and safety legislation designed to protect workers are themselves unlikely to be working with dangerous tools or in noisy and dusty conditions or to be exposed to chemicals or to be working at height or to be lifting heavy weights etc.

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