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Holiday Claims

With thousands of people travelling abroad each year it is not surprising that accidents abroad are increasingly common.

If your accident occurred within the European Union then UK and European law is designed to assist you in recovering damages (compensation).

In certain circumstances, the law provides for a person involved in an accident abroad to seek redress in the courts of their own country.  This means, for example, that if you were injured in a road traffic accident in, say, Spain, then Sandgate Law can raise a court action on your behalf in your local Sheriff Court.  

Also, relying on European Directives, Sandgate Law will be able to track down the insurers of the vehicle driven by the person responsible for your accident.  It will be these insurers who we will contact on your behalf to claim compensation or take to court if necessary.

“Holiday claims” can take a bit longer than claims for accidents occurring in Scotland so don’t delay!  Contact Sandgate Law now for free advice on the prospects of you case.

If you are travelling on a “package holiday” and are injured as a result of an accident then European and UK law provides that you may be able to claim for compensation against the travel agent who arranged the holiday package.   The significance of this is that if the travel agent is based in Scotland and settlement terms cannot be agreed, then  Sandgate Law will be able to raise a court action on your behalf in the Sheriff Court where the travel agent is domiciled.

In any “holiday claim” case, you need expert advice.  Sandgate Law can provide that advice so please call us now and speak to one of our solicitors.

If you do choose to instruct us then we are happy to act for you on a Legal Aid basis if you qualify or under a no-win-no-fee agreement.

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