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Time Bar

Unfortunately, the law, as it currently stands, puts a time limit on when you must either settle your claim for compensation or, alternatively, raise a court action.

The law in this area is quite complex. If you call Sandgate Law now one of our solicitors will give you free advice.

You should be aware of the following:-

In general terms you have 3 years from the date of an accident to settle your claim or raise a court action.

In the case of children the child has 3 years from their 16th birthday to settle or raise a court action.

If you are suffering from an industrial disease then the situation is more complex.  Whether a case of this kind is time-barred will depend on a range of facts and circumstances.  For example, when you were diagnosed with the disease, what the precise diagnoses was, whether the disease is progressive (getting worse over time) and so no.  In these case you MUST consult a legal expert for advice.

In any case, the court has the power to waive the normal time bar rule.  However, do not rely on this if you are concerned that your case may soon time bar.  Don’t delay and risk losing the possibility of making a claim.  Call Sandgate Law now and get advice.

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