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Asbestos Claims

These are usually complex cases.  Often exposure to asbestos has occurred many years previously and often whilst working for companies that are no longer in existence.   This does not mean that you have lost the chance to claim but you do need to speak to Sandgate Law as soon as possible to get advice.

Generally, to make a successful claim you will need to show that you have a disease which, on the balance of probabilities, has been caused by exposure to asbestos.  Essentially this is a matter of getting a positive medical diagnosis against the background of an employment history where exposure to asbestos dust was known to have occurred or was likely to have occurred.

At Sandgate Law we will listen to you, assess your case and provide an opinion on the prospects of successfully claiming compensation.  We will act on a legal aid basis if you qualify and, where appropriate, on a no-win-no-fee basis.

You need to be aware that asbestos claims, like all claims for damages relating to personal injury, are subject to possible time-bar.  This means that if you do not settle your claim or raise a court action within a prescribed period then you may be barred from making the claim.  

With asbestos claims the question of when a claim is time-barred is not easy to answer and will depend on facts and circumstances.   For example, when you were diagnosed with the disease, what the precise diagnoses was, whether the disease is progressive (getting worse over time) and so no.  In these cases you MUST consult a legal expert for advice. The courts in Scotland do have the power, in certain circumstances, to waive the normal time-bar rules.  However, do not rely on this if you are concerned that your case may soon time bar.  Don’t delay and risk losing the possibility of making a claim.  Call Sandgate Law now and get advice.

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